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Group Moves

When you’re responsible to move a talented group of employees to a new destination, you can always use another pair of hands. As one of the most seasoned Corporate Relocation Home Finding Companies in Houston, Nino Properties has assisted anyone from administrative support employees to the CEO’s of Houston’s major corporations.

We provide individualized services that are a perfect fit for your employees. From conducting a needs assessment to determining the resources required for your group, to delivering presentations to your clients about local destinations and providing a resource for your relocating team members, Nino provides it all.

Group Move Participation Directly with Clients and Human Resources:

  • Enron/ Northern Gas Pipeline from Florida to Omaha, Nebraska
  • Sanger Harris/ Foleys
  • Natco from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Amerada Hess from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Chase Bank from Brooklyn and Long Island, New York
  • Bancomer from California
  • SBC From St. Louis, Missouri to San Antonio, Texas
  • Solvay-Interox from France and Denver, Colorado
  • LBMS from the United Kingdom
  • Amoco Production from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Tenneco/ El Paso Energy from El Paso, Texas
  • M. W. Kellog/ Procon Engineering from Los Angeles and The United Kingdom
  • Chase Manhattan Bank from New York City and Long Island, New York

Group Move Participation with Third Party Companies:

  • Citgo from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Exxon from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Nordstrom from multiple locations nationwide
  • El Paso Corp. from El Paso, Texas
  • Digital Equipment Corporation from Maynard, Massachusetts
  • Quaker State/ Pennzoil from Pennsylvania
  • United Pacific Railroad/ Anadarko from Fort Worth, Texas

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