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Realtor® Insight: Landscape Lover’s Alert!

landscapeWith summer fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to replace spring-blooming flowers with hot weather plants. So before you decide to bring out your gloves and short-hand tools, take a look at our expert tips from Realtor®| Landscape Designer, Cathy Foster.

If you are maintaining a yard this summer, here are some tips to consider.

Landscape 101

  1. Protect your garden with good mulch such as, cane pulp, rotted sawdust, leaves, compost or pine barks.
  2. Replace early-spring blooming flowers with hot-weather loving plants such as, portulacca, periwinkles, zinnias, marigolds, torenia, tithonia, salvia and cockscomb.
    Caution: Don’t prune azaleas after the month of May.
  3. Propagate your favorite plants from stem or root cuttings. Choose a cloudy day for transplants and puddle in well.
  4. As soon as the spring-flowering shrubs have finished blooming, prune and feed them.

There you have it! A great jump start for your summer gardening. Before you know it, your home’s landscape will be the talk of the neighborhood.

So what are you waiting for, get to pruning!

About Cathy Foster

619717Cathy Foster is a seasoned Realtor® with over 20 years of experience in the Houston real estate market. When not attending to the needs of her clients, Cathy enjoys designing and installing new landscapes, bringing gardens and front yards back to life! If you would like to contact Cathy, head on over to our Contact Us page today!

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