4 Easy Steps to Prep Your Home for Sale

A well-cared home with charming features and updated amenities can always appeal to more buyers and potentially sell faster. If you’re thinking about selling your home this season, consider the following tips modified from a Reader’s digest article to prep your home for sale.

1. De-clutter

When prepping a home to sell, it is important to highlight space. That said, toss or giveaway any objects or furniture that are no longer in use. Pack the rest in boxes and place in an area that is non-obstructive like the garage or an off-site storage facility.

2. De-personalize

Remove all personal objects (i.e. photos, religious objects, extravagant decor, etc.) from your home. De-personalizing your home will not only make the home more inviting, but it will also allow potential homebuyers to mentally “move-in.”

3. Prep Interior

Inspect and clean home’s interior thoroughly. Clean all walls, windows and floors with appropriate cleaning products. There’s nothing worse than showcasing a dirty home to potential buyers. Repaint walls with neutral paint colors and replace all broken hardware and flooring if required. A well-maintained interior will not only enhance your home’s aesthetic, but also make it more inviting.

4. Touch-up Outer Facade

A home’s exterior is a hug selling point for many buyers. When prepping home, make sure to touch-up all paint, clean gutters, keep lawn edged, trim hedges, flower beds and other shrubbery, repair and repaint loose siding, replace loose or damaged shingles and apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door. A well-maintained facade can make or break a deal.

Prepping a home for sale can be daunting and overwhelming at times, but before you decide to throw-in the towel, consider these four easy tips. Remember that buyers are attracted to move-in ready spaces, thus a well-groomed home can potentially lead to a home sale.

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