Help… I need some inspiration!

Are you new to the neighborhood and in dire need of design inspiration for your beautiful home? Don’t worry- you’re not alone! Its very common for new home owners to feel overwhelmed once they look around their new home, only to notice they need a lot of new furniture in their living spaces.

When it comes to making your home “you”, we recommend planning, planning and planning! Plan each room separately, as each room carries a separate character and purpose.

1. It is key to decide the “feel” of the room first. If you prefer more of a modern look, light colors, such as hues of grey work well. These colors will open up your room and bring in great amounts of light. If you are more interested in a traditional look, opt for darker, warmer colors. Be careful when going dark though, because darker shades can make spaces seem smaller, and often times more masculine.

2.Once you’ve decided on the optimal color palette, it is time to draw out the dimensions of the room to scale, and figure out what types of furniture fit well in the room. Do you need one night stand or two? Is that 50″ TV going to be overbearing? Can you fit a dresser on that side of the room? After you know what type of furniture is fitting, it is key to decide what dimensions work best, because without proper sized furniture, the room can seem totally off! (For example: If you buy a sofa and side table, keep an eye out for how tall the side of the sofa is in comparison to the side table.) Drawing out the optimal dimensions for furniture also allows you to see how much walking space you have, where exactly the bed should go, etc.

3.Shopping for furniture is the most fun part of your new look! While you’re browsing stores for the perfect pieces, remember to bring your color pallet, room mock up and optimal furniture dimensions. If you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend, online shopping is always an option. In fact, we love Project Decor because it lets consumers mix and remix items from the world’s leading designers and brands into a project board for inspiration. Not only is it perfect for inspiration, but it also allows you to purchase the items directly, making your design board a reality!

4. Phew-You’ve picked out the furniture that will make your home shine. Now that the big items are complete, it’s time to add in the finishing touches. This means finding lighting, comfy blankets, pretty artwork, mirrors, etc. Although you may be wiped out by this point, do not give up! These finishing touches make your home inviting and liveable… You don’t want a stale house now that you’ve put all this energy into making your home show-worthy, right!?

If you need more inspiration for color pallets, designs or even furniture layouts, Pinterest is a great resource.  Check out our Pinterest page for some amazing inspiration for living rooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, etc!

We would love to hear your input and of any other great design resources!