Nino Agent Spencer Coleman

Spencer Coleman
Languages: English
Education: Champions School of Real Estate

Spencer Coleman has been around the Real Estate industry his entire life. His mother worked in the relocation industry and developed her career around it. This has given Spencer the understanding that it takes hard work and a high level of composure in regard to customer service, to be successful. He has also learned the valuable skills of being versatile in negotiations which he has found is key in serving client’s best interest. Agents should know what to expect before it comes up and understand avenues agents commonly use to negotiate to ensure their clients are getting the best deal for their asset. While working with sellers, Spencer will discuss pricing, condition and marketing prior to listing to make sure he creates the right sales strategy for you and your property. He believes in communicating with you at a minimum every week to give you updates and activity reports. In addition, he will update you every time your property is shown and share the comments of the buyer and the other agent. Finding out how the prospects feel about your price, the condition and more in order to stay on top of the market. Working with buyers, Spencer will discuss your desired areas & all pros/cons. He will review with you market trends and walk you through the best lending options and mortgage companies to prepare you for the entire purchase process from contract acceptance to final closing.

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