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Intern and Co-op Housing

During your intern’s time at work, their impression of the company, culture, and overall experience will affect the future relationship they maintain with your company. Furnished apartments are an excellent way to communicate how much your intern means to you. Streamlining the process of living arrangements with furnished apartments will benefit both your company and the intern rather than the hassles of makeshift arrangements.

Nino Properties works with local and national corporations assisting in hundreds of intern relocations per year. Our team is experienced at locating furnished apartments in the Medical Center, Energy Corridor and all areas of Houston. When interns require short-term stays near your office, we have a large registry of available accommodations and furnished apartments nationwide as well. We make sure your desired location, price point, and other needs are met during your intern’s work experience.

Our web based program offers interns specific and comprehensive information including, but not limited to, conveniently located apartment communities with photographs, amenities and maps to/from office sites, rates, deposits, roommate matching, furniture rental rates, downloadable rental applications, public transportation, household goods rentals (linen package, kitchen package, etc.), rental car rates, move in and move out procedures, and utility connection information.

Through our rental assistance services, choose between furnished and non-furnished accommodations.

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