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Nino History

Recognizing the real estate needs of employees’ in Houston’s major corporations in the early 80’s, Gloria Nino created a company that reinvented Houston real estate as we know it. In 1984, Nino & Associates became Houston’s very first luxury real estate and corporate housing brokers dedicated entirely to serving Houston’s Corporate Relocation market.

When Vice President Frank Monacelli joined the real estate company in 1988, he contributed his unique knowledge and expertise from the Human Resources and Relocation industries. Gloria and Frank’s combined ambition to better serve the Houston area would lead Nino & Associates to become a full service luxury real estate firm and brokerage that same year, selling residential properties as a buyer broker firm.

Continually striving to better serve Houston re-locators, Nino & Associates identified the need for more temporary lodging options; a market that up until that time had been very limited and overpriced. As a result, Nino & Associates created a “new” market to meet these needs by creating fully furnished apartment options in various locations throughout the city, leading to the establishment of Nino Corporate Lodging, Inc., also in 1988.

Nino Corporate Lodging would become a nationwide temporary corporate housing provider and lease furnished accommodations to corporate transferee’s, traveling consultants, interns, medical patients, government employees, and anyone in need of furnished temporary  housing. A decade after its inception, Nino Corporate Lodging’s success would lead to the establishment of offices in both Dallas and San Antonio. Currently headquartered in Houston, Nino Corporate Lodging manages luxury corporate housing and real estate units throughout Houston and the entire country.

In 2012, Nino & Associates became Nino Properties, an umbrella real estate company to Nino Corporate Lodging and Nino Realtors. As united entities, Nino Properties provides every level of home finding assistance to Houstonians and newcomers alike. Continual dedication to quality and customer service has propelled Nino Properties to be recognized as an innovator and leader in the corporate relocation industry and residential real estate.

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