Terms and Conditions

As a participant in the Global Engineering Technology Institute (GETI) Veteran
Advocacy Group, you agree that Nino Properties will be your “Source” of housing
for apartment rentals and or home purchase options. Nino Properties has
developed specific relationships on behalf of the Veteran and the Skilled
Trades participants of the GETI program to best serve the needs for quick
access and seamless transition to housing choices approved by the program. You
agree that when renting an apartment or purchasing a home from the list of
choices on the website or others that may be offered by Nino Properties, that
you will list Nino Properties, Gloria Nino as the “Source” and have given
authorization for Nino to invoice a Realtor Commission to the apartment
community management company/owner and or builder as the case may be. By
checking the box you agree to these terms.