Seven Spring-Cleaning Tips to Consider

Now that spring is here, what better time to tackle your seasonal cleaning by incorporating the following spring-cleaning tips into your usual routine.

These seven tips modified from a Woman’sDay article will help you maintain your house in tip-top shape.

Empty Out Refrigerator and Deodorize
Initiate your spring-cleaning by tackling the refrigerator. Begin by defrosting your freezer and tossing all expired and unwanted products out. Next, clean interior with solution of one tablespoon of baking soda for every quart of hot water. Finally, rinse off and wipe down with soft cloth. Do as suggested for bottom part of fridge and reapply as needed.

Clean Stove/Oven
The stove top and oven are common areas that retain grease and filth. Consider cleaning all knobs, coils, oven racks and detachable objects by soaking in white vinegar to loosen debris. If your oven emanates foul odors, use solution of soap, baking soda, white vinegar and vanilla extract to eliminate odors.

Clean Kitchen Ceiling
Cooking grime frequently builds up over time, therefore it is recommended to clean the ceiling with a solution of dish soap and warm water.

Freshen Up Window Treatments
Update and freshen up your windows by taking down and washing your drapery. Be sure to read the caring instructions carefully. While you’re at it, thoroughly clean the glass and window casing.

Clean Out Your Closet Space
It can be difficult to let go of your favorite pair of jeans, but if you have retired them to the back of your closet, let them go! When cleaning out your wardrobe, decide what to keep by creating different piles of sell, donate, or trash before putting anything back into the closet.

Eliminate Carpet Stains
Has your carpet seen better days? If so, consider deep-cleaning your carpet by hiring a professional or doing it yourself. Remember to follow the cleaning instructions carefully, avoiding over-soaking and moisture retention.

Clean Out the Clutter in Your Room
Failing to get rid of unneeded items with an emotional attachment is a major factor in your room clutter. Reorganize your room this spring by letting go of all unnecessary items by recycling or donating them to your favorite charity of choice.  

Follow these fast and easy tips to get your home spring cleaned in no time! Let us know how your home cleaning is going by leaving a comment below.