Home staging: stage your kitchen

When it comes to selling your home, less is more!

People do not want to walk into a cramped room, they want to walk into an inviting home. If you can easily help visitors see the beauty of your kitchen, your house will undoubtedly be one sought-after piece of property. The kitchen staging formula includes:

  1. Clean your kitchen as if the sale of your home depends on it. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen is a must! Yes- we mean even the baseboards and getting that dust that has been hiding in the corners! Not only is this a cheap fix, but it is also one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen the selling-point of your home.
  2. Limit your counter top to the essentials. This is one of the most important steps since you want prospective home buyers to imagine their own lives and items in this space. We recommend displaying two kitchen essentials as well as some pretty, fresh flowers as a third object. When you’re taking things off of the counters, don’t forget to remove the scrubbing essentials from your sink!
  3. Organize your drawers and cabinets. This step is especially important for individuals with glass cabinets.  Although not every potential buyer looks inside the drawers and cabinets when visiting your home, a lot do, and you don’t want them to be turned away by clutter. Risers and drawer liners are often a good tool for organization in these two areas. One of the most important objects not to forget about when cleaning out your cabinets is your hidden trash can. To avoid people turning around because of a foul smell, always remember to discard of your trash before you have prospects viewing your home.
  4. Remove extra chairs from the kitchen table. It may seem ok to leave all 6 of your chairs around the dining table, but unfortunately this can make a room look much smaller. With a more open and clutter-free environment, your dining area will appear larger. Now, imagine how excited potential buyers will be when they notice that amazing window that looks out to the beautiful backyard!
  5. Choose ONE centerpiece for the kitchen table. Arranging a plants on the table brings warmth to the area. Simplicity is key since you do not want your table to be a focal point, but rather the space that holds it.
  6. Remove any heavy materials. It is a good idea to remove heavy drapes, linens on your kitchen table and large paintings if they are making the space look smaller. Many people are drawn to an open and bright floor plan, so dark colors are not the best option.
  7. Let there be light! A lot of time the view from a kitchen window can help sell the house. Just think about how much time families spend in this one room together.
  8. Remove and replace any broken items in your kitchen. Is that light bulb above the oven out? Don’t forget to replace this. Although you may not think those knobs are in bad shape, if they are a little worn, this is an easy replacement that can make the kitchen sparkle even more.

Although cleaning doesn’t always sound like too much fun, it’s important to remember that a stunning home is always what sells the fastest!

If you don’t know what to do with your unwanted furniture or kitchen goods, we recommend donating them to the Houston Furniture Bank. They are undoubtedly one of our favorite organizations to work with! Please call them to schedule FREE pick up of your gently used items at (713) 842-9771.