Home Staging 101

home stagingStaging is a great way to appeal to buyers. Whether you’re hiring a professional “stager” or doing the work yourself, staging can be very helpful when selling a home. So, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to add to your to-do list.

Home Staging Tips

1. It is important to remove unnecessary items when staging a home. De-cluttering your space can accentuate your home’s features and allow prospective buyers to mentally “move-in.” Less is more when prepping a home.

2. Remove ALL scuff marks and streaks from walls. A fresh coat of paint allows the home to appear “move-in” ready.

3. Prep floors before allowing potential home buyers to walk through your front door. Who doesn’t like clean floors, right? When going through your checklist, make sure to steam clean all flooring, including carpet, tile and hardwood floors.

4. Windows are often a huge focal point in homes—consider wiping down ALL windows inside and out with glass cleaner.

5. Clean all nooks and crannies. There is nothing worst than seeing a beautiful home be overpowered by dirt. Maintain your home’s tidiness by cleaning ALL cabinetry, baseboards, built-in bookshelves, closets, doors, etc. First impressions can make or break a deal when selling a home.

6. Remove all lingering objects from the perimeter of your home. Move trashcans to the garage and toss all other materials if possible. Having a clean outdoor space can put you above the competition.

7. Maintain your lawn during growing season and remove any dead plants by replacing them with your choice of plants. Curb appeal plays a major factor for many buyers.

8. Inspect your home’s facade and clean/fix if need be. Your home’s facade is typically the first  thing that buyers sees and usually a big determining factor.

Overall, staging can set you above the competition and help you sell your home faster. When staging a home, always consider the buyer first. Make sure that your home is appealing to others by maintaining a clean and clutter free home. Investing in your home generally has a positive return on investment.

So what are you waiting for? Get to staging! Contact one of REALTORS for assistance.