Home Improvement Project Myths

Home Improvement ProjectAre you eager to start your home improvement project? Before initiating in any type of home renovation, think twice before you do so. Home improvement projects undertake a significant amount of planning, time and money. So before you decide to resurface your entire living room or spruce up your walls with a colorful coat of paint, consider asking yourself if the project adds value to your home.

Check out these great tips from the experts at HGTV.

Myth #1: Any remodel is a good one.

Generally, people believe that ANY remodel is a good remodel. The common misconception can bring many burdens when attempting to sell your home. When making a renovation, make sure that your home improvement project isn’t too personalized—customized features can sometimes limit your buyer. Consider using timeless pieces that appeal to everyone.

Myth #2: I can do it myself.

Oftentimes, people’s perceptions of home improvement projects can be overoptimistic. There are low-risk projects that do not require additional help, but always contact a contractor if you are doing any type of high-risk project. Don’t be afraid to ask for an expert’s opinion when dealing with a new project.

Myth #3: Pools add value.

We’ve all heard this before. Installing a pool will add value to your home, but before you decide to undergo such a massive project, consider your surroundings first. Double check your area’s climate and make sure it’s a pool-friendly region. Adding a pool can be a big liability and can be a lot of work to maintain off-season.

Myth #4: Follow the latest design trends.

Wild prints and colorful patterns may be the latest trend, but reconsider using any of this when prepping your home to sell. Personalized and dated designs should be removed from the home before it goes on the market. Neutral colors and palettes should be considered when staging a home.

And there you have it! Four common home improvement myths. Don’t forget to question the value of your project before you decide to undertake a home renovation project!

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