Emergency Holiday Cleaning Tips

cleaning tips - holiday edition
Prepping your home for the holidays can be a tedious task especially if it isn’t tidy to begin with. Get your house spiffy in a jiffy with holiday cleaning tips modified from Better Homes and Gardens’ article.

Avoid day of cleaning chaos by incorporating the following cleaning tips into your housekeeping routine:

Freshen Up Window Treatments and Wash Windows
Update and freshen up your windows by taking down and washing your drapery. Be sure to read the caring instructions carefully. While you’re at it, thoroughly clean the glass and window casing.

Eliminate Carpet Stains
Has your carpet seen better days? If so, consider deep cleaning your carpet by hiring a professional or doing it yourself. Remember to follow the cleaning instructions carefully, avoiding over-soaking and moisture retention.

Clean walls and baseboards
Food residue and your pet’s slobber are just a few of the things that might be lingering in your walls and baseboards. Tidy up your home by removing marks with a solution of dish soap and warm water. For heavily soiled walls and baseboards, consider using a white vinegar solution.

Clean Out Closets
Begin your closet clean out by cleaning out the stuff that migrated into the closet making ample room for guests’ coats and accessories. Consider using a small storage bin for smaller items such as gloves and scarves to prevent your favorite winter accessories from disappearing.

Remove Clutter From Common Areas
Failing to get rid of unneeded items with an emotional attachment is an important factor in your room clutter. Reorganize your room this holiday season by letting go of all unnecessary items by recycling or donating them to your favorite charity of choice.

And there you have it, a strenuous-free guide for a clean home this holiday season!