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Olivea Kacy Nguyen

With over fifteen years of small, local business experience, Olivea has built a name for herself. As committed to exceptional customer service and consistently focused on efficiency, availability, and flexibility.  Additionally, Olivea’s strong listening skills and discretion allow her to effectively understand her clients’ needs, while respectfully sharing her experiences and professional opinions to help them understand alternatives, in balancing both short-term and long-term planning, ultimately ensuring the highest decision quality.

A client of almost a decade shared feedback that “Olivea has a unique personality, which not only creates an environment fostering open dialogue but leaves others feeling confident because of her tailored, detail-oriented approach.”

Being raised in Houston for over 25 years, Olivea has gained a vast knowledge of the city’s history, culture, and diverse offerings. Born in Vietnam, Olivea also has a unique background allowing her to leverage her bilingual skills, in addition to better relating cross-culturally to clients who are not only new to Houston but also new to the United States.

Outside of work, Olivea takes her civic commitment to building a better community seriously as an active volunteer at the Universal Door Meditation Center.  She is also a student of Human Design, Soul Contract, and Feng Shui.  Her current studies are focused on the science on self-discovery, personalities, and energy. With this she wants to teach others how to live a happy and stress free life. On a personal front, she also enjoys cooking with her significant other, reading a great book, working out, coaching others, and dedicating time to bond with her family.

“My goal as a Nino Properties Agent is to exceed expectations and build a meaningful lasting relationships with our clients.”