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Mark Romanchock

Mark Romanchock was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania where he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Geology. Having worked for a number of integrated and independent oil companies for over 28 years on projects in 22 countries, Mark personally experienced international relocations numerous times and understands the disruption career relocations can have on families. He moved to Houston in 2000 and has resided in the inner loop ever since where he enjoys city life including Houston’s sports teams, fantastic theater district, arts scene and renowned restaurants.

“Having never visited Texas before I relocated to Houston from England in 2000, I didn’t know what to expect of the city. What I found was a very cosmopolitan melting pot of the most welcoming folks I had ever met in my travels and I am very proud to call Houston my hometown. My goal is to greet new residents to the city in the same manner in which I was welcomed.”

Mark has been active in the Houston community since arriving in Houston and previously served as the Chairman of the Board of The Living Bank, served on the sporting clays committee of the Sam Houston Counsel of the Boy Scouts of America and is a currently member of the University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory Board of Visitors.

In his spare time, you can find Mark racing cars and volunteering as a Race Marshall at motorsports events throughout the state as well as spending quality time with his wife, friends and pets.