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Carmen Maria Montiel

Carmen Maria Montiel began her real estate journey as an investor in 2000. With this unique outlook, honed and perfected over nearly two decades, she possesses a keen eye for great properties in prime locations that will grow in value over time. To Carmen Maria, a home is more than just a place to live— it is an investment in your life and in your future. That is why she is there for her clients whenever they need her and always working hard to guide them toward a home they will cherish.

Before coming to real estate, Carmen Maria led a most interesting life. She first became known in her native Venezuela when she earned the title of Miss Venezuela and competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 1984. From there she became a television personality in Central and South America before moving to the United States in 1988 to pursue a degree in journalism. After completing her studies at East Tennessee State University and graduating magna cum laude, Carmen Maria moved to Houston where she became an anchorwoman on Telemundo-Houston. For years she covered some of the biggest stories of the day, but upon the birth of her children she decided to focus on motherhood and independent business pursuits. In 2018, Carmen Maria was privileged to run for United States Congress in TX District 29. Though she lost the race in a runoff, her spirit and determination to help the world around her has not, nor will it ever, fade.

Carmen Maria was born into a traditional Spanish Colonial family who praised education, hard work, and giving back to the community. As a result, she has always been driven to help improve the lives of her neighbors, from her teenage years volunteering in her church’s youth program to her stints on the boards of charitable organizations such as UNICEF and the Latin Women’s Initiative. On several occasions Carmen Maria has been recognized for her charitable work by local and national organizations, and her awards for service are constant reminders of her responsibility to her community. In her free time she enjoys exploring Houston’s nationally-renowned food culture, running, snow skiing, yoga, and spending time with her three children.